Peanut Butter Trivia

Here’s a list of interesting trivia about peanuts and peanut butter: definitely the kind of stuff you want to say at bar or parties to pick up girls!

Peanut Trivia: Did you know?

  • The two major peanut producers in the US are, in order, Georgia and Texas; peanuts are also Georgia’s official state crop, with at least 50% of the production being used for peanut butter
  • Other minor peanut producers are Alabama, Florida, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma and Virginia
  • An 18oz jar of peanut butter needs 850 peanuts to be made
  • The USA produce about 6% of the world’s crop of peanuts: by comparison India and China, together, produce about 70%
  • About 65% of those peanuts are used worldwide for the production of peanut oil; another 20% is used for the production of candy
  • Peanut oil accounts for 8% of the worldwide edible oil production
  • The national peanut month is March: it started as the national week in 1941 and was later “promoted” to a full month in 1974
  • Two presidents of the USA, Jimmy Carter and Thomas Jefferson, were peanut farmers
  • Peanuts are not actually nuts: they are legumes and grow underground
  • Peanuts account for 2/3rds of the total snack “nuts” consumption in the USA
  • The world’s largest peanut is 20 feet tall, and it’s currently kept in Turner County, Georgia
  • One acre of peanut crop yields 2860 pounds of peanuts, enough to make 30000 peanut butter sandwiches
  • Americans eat 700 million pounds every year (3lbs per person), which could theoretically cover the entire floor of the Grand Canyon

Peanut Butter Trivia: did you know?

  • There’s a joke-phobia: people becoming hysterical when peanut butter sticks to their palate have “Arachibutyrophobia”
  • Americans on the West Coast prefer chunky peanut butter, whereas those in the East Coast like it creamy
  • The reason peanut butter sticks to your mouth is that its high protein content absorbs moisture
  • The Aztecs had their own recipe for peanut butter
  • Peanut butter was almost never used outside the US until 1960
  • The first peanut butter process was patented by John H. Kellogg and his brother
  • The average american boy eats 1500 peanut butter sandwiches before reaching the age of 18
  • With very high pressure and temperature, peanut butter can be transformed into diamonds (althouth that’s true for pretty much everything containing carbon!)
  • Due to its high fat and protein content, peanut butter is used as base emergency food for famine-stricken countries
  • Creamy peanut butter can be used to remove chewing gum from clothes and hair
  • The Dutch have a different variety of peanut butter: it’s salty and reported to taste like Satay sauce. The local name is “pindakaas”, which means “peanut cheese”: this name was chosen because the word “butter” had already been trademarked!.
  • The world’s largest peanut butter and jelly sandwich was created November 6th, 1993 in Peanut, Pennsylvania and was 40 ft long. It contained 150lbs of peanut butter and 50lbs of jelly.
  • 96% of people, when making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, put the peanut butter on before the jelly
  • Adults actually consume more peanut butter than kids
  • Although Dr. George Washington Carver is generally believed to be the father of peanut butter, he didn’t invent it!
  • The US market for peanut butter amounts to 800 million dollars per year